Atari Arcade iPad Dock – Retro Gaming is Back

By iPadDockBlog • iPad Arcade Dock


Retro gaming is back and Atari wants to be a part of it. After Think Geek made the iCade, Atari has decided to come out with their very own Official Atari iPad arcade dock to play those classic Atari games. While the iCade can only be used in portrait mode, it’ll be interesting to see if this can be used for both portrait and landscape.

Unlike the iCade which connects via Bluetooth, this has a 30-pin dock which you can connect to your iPad. The Atari iPad dock is expected to arrive in stores early October 2011 and we’ll see what the pricing is for this interesting device.

Price: USD$59.99 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 5/5
Supported: iPad & iPad 2


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