Bluelounge Saidoka Lightning Dock Charger For Your iPhone 5

By iPadDockBlog • iPhone Charge Dock

You know most docks actually serve very little purpose other than to charge your phone while looking pretty in an upright position but Bluelounge came up with a iPhone 5 dock that’s much more useful. Called the Saidoka, it’s a dock designed where your iPhone will be positioned slightly upwards like the Magic Trackpad so that you can check the time, see your messages or just use the calculator.


It fits in nicely right next to your keyboard on your desk. It’s made of plastic material and has micro-suction rails at the bottom to grip smooth surfaces giving you a sturdy support when you dock and undock your iPhone with a single hand. The drawback though that not all cases will fit this dock because of the protruding plastic around the Lightning plug.

The Bluelounge Saidoka Lightning dock comes in 2 colors(black & white) and is retailing for $49.95. Check out the video demo of it below.


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