HiRise Docking Stand For Your iPhone or iPad

HiRise Docking Stand

An iPad or iPhone standing dock is pretty useful for letting you have a good view of your device’s screen while keeping your desk looking organized. Only problem is the worry that the dock that you buy might work for your current device but might not fit the next generation iOS device. Also, there’s the hassle of removing your device from the case every time. That’s where this sturdy stand called the HiRise Docking Stand attempts to solve.

This simple and elegant looking stand not only docks your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini but you can dock it with the case intact. It comes in 3 parts, an aluminum base, solid arm and a Lightning connector. Yes, this means this docking stand only supports iOS devices with the Lightning connector. That would cover the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4th Generation onwards.

If you want a stand that is future proof and looks good as well, then this is the one to get. The HiRise stand is currently selling for $34.99.


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