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Fresh out from Mobile World Congress 2012, Invoxia has just announced a new product called the AudiOffice which is a speaker dock for your iPad, iPhone and even iPod touch. Designed for the business users in mind, AudiOffice seems to be well suited for voice and video calls using VOIP apps on the iOS devices. First to come to mind would be using Facetime, Skype, Google Talk, Viber and others to save call costs.

While it’s good for group conference calls, that’s not the only plus point. The AudiOffice comes with 4 broadband speakers with 2 vents at the front for enhanced sound. It can also be used to play your favorite music. There’s also 2 digital microphones for better call quality with background noise removal and you have the choice of the traditional handset with the cord as well.

You can still connect other devices like Android phones including the iOS devices via Bluetooth and still use the features available. There’s also 2 USB ports for connecting with other devices as well like your PC to take advantage of the speakers.

The AudiOffice speaker dock is priced at $299 and if you’re interested, head on to their website and sign up for the product launch alert to notify you when it’s available.

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