Ion Jukebox Dock: Retro Speaker Dock

So you’re having a party this weekend and you want it to be a blast. The Ion Jukebox Dock for your iOS devices will definitely impress your guests.

This cool retro looking docking station looks just like your 1950s tabletop jukebox and plays your favorite music with the built-in speakers. This speaker dock comes built-in with a 30-pin connector which means it only supports iPad 3rd generation and earlier, iPhone 4S and earlier, and fourth-generation iPod touch and earlier. Having said that, you can actually use the Lightning to 30-pin adapter and it will dock all your latest iOS devices like the iPad Mini, iPad 4th Generation and iPhone 5. You can check out how that works below.

Ion Jukebox Dock: Retro Speaker Dock

Once you have connected your iOS device to the dock, just launch your favorite music app like Spotify or Pandora and play. The Ion Jukebox Dock also comes with a line-in port that lets you play music from other devices like the Android phones or a MP3 player. It also charges the device while it’s docked.

The built-in speakers are fine and loud enough to fill any room. The classic wooden cabinet is built with flashy multicolored neon-style lights which will definitely catch anyone’s attention.

The Ion Jukebox Dock is available for $99.99 and you can get them slightly cheaper at Amazon. For more information, you can also check out their website for more information.


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