iRock: Rocking Chair That Charges Your iPad & iPhone

By iPadDockBlog • iPad Charge Dock, iPhone Charge Dock


If your dad owns an iPad, he’s gonna appreciate it when you get him this rocking chair. Called the iRock, this rocking chair not only has an iPad dock to let you read your favorite news but it also charges the iPad while you rock. According to the Zurich based company developing this product, 60 minutes of rocking will charge your iPad 3 to another additional 35% of battery life. It uses a generator that transforms movement into power.

The chair also includes a set of built-in speakers to let you listen to your favorite hits while you rock. iRock is still in development and it comes with a hefty price of $1300. Not sure what currency though. iRock will be available in 5 different colors:- white, black, red, yellow and striped. The dock can actually support both the iPad and iPhone with a Lightning adapter included which means it can support future devices. Find out more from their website.


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