LG ND8520 Speaker Dock For iPhone/iPod/iPad

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LG recently added a new product to their home entertainment lineup with the LG ND8520 speaker dock. With mobile devices now playing an important part in our daily lives, manufacturers are trying to integrate their products with our devices. The speaker dock is AirPlay compatible which lets you stream your iTunes library wirelessly to the speaker. The speaker resembles a big retro Rubik’s Cube which has a built-in dock that’s catered for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Looking closer though, it seems to be using the older 30-pin connector which means that the dock won’t work with Lightning connectors which is on the latest iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone 5. 

However, there’s also Bluetooth connection which should support more devices including those who owns an Android device. Apart from that, there’s also a USB input for playing MP3 and WMA music files from external USB drives. You also get an audio port for connecting with your MP3 players, laptops and other multimedia devices.

The LG ND8520 is a 2.1 channel system which comes with 80W of amplification and a downfiring subwoofer. It also has FM radio built-in and comes with a handy LED alarm clock. The LED panel is actually touch-sensive and there’s also a remote control for controlling the device.

The LG ND8520 is currently available for $299 which can be found cheaper at Amazon and you can find out more from LG’s website.


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