Modus III – Your Complete iPad & iPhone Workstation

Modus III - Your Complete iPad & iPhone Workstation

The iPad is used in many different ways. Some use it to read books, others use it for some sort of entertainment. Modus III is looking to turn your iPad into a workstation. The Modus III comes with a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard which will pair with your iPad while it docks in front of you. The angle of your iPad can be adjusted to suit you best.

The workstation dock isn’t exactly small where it gives you a host of extra functionality like an additional dock at the side for keeping your smartphones charged. The device supports iPad 2 and above and it comes with both 30-pin connectors as well as Lightning connectors. The additional phone dock at the side also has micro USB connectors included which means you can dock your Android phones as well if you have one.

The Modus III also has front-facing speakers to enhance your iPad’s sound. It also contains a storage area for keeping your chargers and cables. The docking station’s frame and body is made of high strength polycarbonate as well as aircraft grade aluminum. So what you get is a durable lightweight construction.

This is a Kickstarter project which requires funding to make it a reality. If you are interested, you can pledge a minimum of $169 before September 23rd 2013. Check out the video below for more information.


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