Philips DS1155 Speaker Dock For iPhone 5

By iPadDockBlog • iPhone Speaker Dock


As Apple moves forward with the latest Lightning connector, third-party manufacturers are slowly adapting to their latest line of devices. Here’s one from Philips called the DS1155 which is a speaker dock for the iPhone 5. The UFO shaped speaker comes with a clock that actually syncs to your device’s time and also a cool halo effect night light.

There’s a USB port on the back that lets you charge other phones tablets but you can’t actually play any music from them. You might wonder if this could actually dock an iPad Mini as well but it can’t due to the physical design. Also one thing to note is that you’ll most likely need to remove the iPhone case except for the really slim ones in order to dock it.

The 6W speakers is decent and capable of filling a small room with warm sound. It distorts at peak volume level though which is no surprise for a small gadget like this. Retailing at $89.99, you can find out more about the Philips DS1155 from here. Check out a short demo of the product below:-


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