Philips DS3205 Speaker Dock For Your iPhone 5

By iPadDockBlog • iPhone Speaker Dock


Here’s another offering for iPhone 5 users who are looking for a speaker dock with a Lightning connector. This particular one is the Philips DS3205 speaker dock which is shaped like an angled bowl with a hole in the middle. Due to its shape, this speaker dock is strictly only compatible with the iPhone 5, iPod nano 7G, and iPod touch 5G. iPad Mini owners will not be able to dock their device on this one.

There’s also an auxiliary port at the back for you to hook up with other devices but one thing to note is that you can’t seem to use it when a device is docked. While this speaker dock can be powered by the wall adapter, it can also run on four AA batteries which gives you 8 hours of play time.

Sound quality is good with a bit of bass and a little less treble to give your music some extra warmth. Controls are simple enough with the power button at the top and the volume controls at the bottom. Overall, it’s a good budget speaker that is attractive and gives a solid performance. The Philips DS3205 is retailing for around $129.99 and you can find out more here. Check out the video review below:-


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