Samson Carbon 49 – USB MIDI Controller

By iPadDockBlog • iPad Music Dock


Samson recently introduced a MIDI music keyboard called the Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller which comes with a specially made iPad dock that you can connect to both the iPad and iPad 2. It was recently announce at NAMM 2012 which is one of the largest music product trade shows.

The Carbon 49 is designed from the ground-up with the iPad in mind. It’s a compact and lightweight controller for the seasoned musicians and beginners alike. It has 49 velocity-sensitive keys as well as the classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels.

It can be connected to the iPad to use your favorite MIDI apps via Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and the keyboard can even be directly powered by the iPad itself. The device is slated for release in May 2012, so check out their product website for more details.


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