SETA: Gravity Defying Dock For Your iPad Mini and iPhone


Do not be fooled by this simple looking gadget called the SETA Smartphone Stand. You may be wondering how to actually dock your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini on this small stand but it’s as simple as just placing it on top of its NanoSuction pad which is not even sticky when touched and it’s not even made of magnet.

The NanoSuction technology holds your device securely while another pad on the base of the stand secures the stand to most flat, non-porous surfaces. This minimalist stand looks like it will hold only smaller devices like the iPhone but it has no problem holding on to a iPad Mini as well but not anything larger like the full size iPad.

The stand is great for viewing videos and news at any angle you like and it can even hold most of the charging cords nicely. The SETA stand is a Kickstarter project that you can pledge your support to and at time of writing, this project looks like it will move into production as it already hit its funding target. This sturdy aircraft grade aluminium stand is also available at under the Bracketron brand. It seems that SETA has formed a partnership to offer this product to the masses. Check out the video demo of it below:-


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